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Posted November 20, 2019

Over the course of the last year we have been working with UK recycling company First Mile. We created a brand new website for them , introduced a new logomark with a refreshed logotype, and travelled around taking portraits of their customers.

The website was a ground-up rethink, with a focus on capturing new customer enquiries, but we were also able to bring some bespoke design to information-heavy pages like a walkthrough of the company's recycling headquarters, the Sacktory®, or a breakdown of what happens to your waste once you throw it away.

Home page animation

A custom page showing an overview of First Mile's Sacktory®

The main focus of the branding was to create a mark that First Mile could use alongside or instead of their current wordmark, and then extrapolate that mark into a full brand refresh. We updated the wordmark as well, to remove some visual clutter and allow it to work better at smaller sizes, but keeping the recognisable parts so it still looked like First Mile.

The final mark

The logotype, before and after

A selection of pages from the branding document

A mockup showing the new branding on an electric van

To give a focus on the testimonials of customers on the First Mile website, we travelled London to take portraits of the clientele, from large national headquarters, to independent cafés.

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